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Favourite Figma Plugins (Part 1)

where we pick a few of our favourite Figma plugins

figma — resources

Figma plugins at 3 Sided Coin help super-charge our workflows. From adding visual flairs to our designs; to automating repetitive tasks; to help analyze accessibility - we have embedded plugins into our workflow to improve designs on daily basis. Dive 🤿 right into a few of our recent favourites.

1. Similayer

This plugin helps you select that have similar properties. This would be could be used when performing an action on multiple layers like setting styles or changing variants.


2. Shadow Kit and Shadow Maker

Creating smooth shadows can be a little tedious. These two plugins make it a lot easier. While Shadow kit keeps it simple by letting you choose angle and elevation, Shadow maker gives your advanced options to create your shadows.

Shadow Kit
Shadow Maker

3. Quantizer and Clean Document

Quantizer helps you organize our frames in a grid while Clean Document gives you lots of options to clean up your layers and pages Figma.

Clean Document

4. Noise & Texture

Noise & Texture allows you to add awesome textures and gradients to your designs and make your own if you are familiar with using shaders.

Noise & Texture

5. Eight Shapes specs

This awesome plugin helps you generate very detailed annotated components specs for handoff with just a click of a button. It will help your save hours or days of work.

Eight Shapes specs

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