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good stuff 003

goodies & freebies across the interwebz, № 003

goodies & freebies across the interwebz, № 003

Ahoy, mateys! Come aboard, one and all, to edition № 003 of good stuff.

19th September was International Talk Like a 🏴‍☠️ Pirate Day 1. You can blame this pirate-speak hang-over on One Piece, however. Gum Gum Bazooka!!!

Drop anchor. ⚓︎

Automator for Figma

Automator is now free. Automate your repetitive and boring Figma tasks with this powerful plugin. Install it NOW!!

Interested in more Figma plugins? Here are five top ones we approve.


Swissted, an ongoing project by artist and designer Mike Joyce, is a beautiful collection of graphic art.

It is inspired by punk rock and Swiss Modernism, two very unlikely combinations seamlessly coming together here.

How Might We Help Designers Understand Systems?

If your role requires you to be involved in larger systems than those which immediately impact your work, this is a great read for you.

If you are looking to grow into a role that understands larger interplay of natural, social, and technical system, this is an essential read.

Mom Test

Mom Test is a set of techniques to ask questions which will make even your mom avoid superficial positive responses.

Extremely valuable if your role involves research, gaining more information, and of course—asking for feedback.

Here’s a more detailed explanation with more links to explore.

Urban Company uses these five methods to test their design and content

Urban Company’s Amit Das explains five methods they use to test their content and design with users. No nonsense tips that you can implement in your processes right away.


You might have played cult online sensations GeoGuessr and TimeGuessr.

FontGuessr takes the concept into the realm of design nerdism. Can you guess your way through typefaces?

what have you found recently?

What design resources have you been finding lately? Tweet to us, or tell us in Insta DM.

We are your team!

We are taking up new engagements across user research, product design, and web & editorial design.

Do you or someone you know needs amazing digital experiences researched and designed? Write in now.

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