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good stuff 002

goodies & freebies across the interwebz, edition 002

goodies & freebies across the interwebz, edition 002

Some fantastic resource from around the web, to enhance your designs and more importantly your understanding of design.

Desi Log

Desi Log is Juhi’s creation of Free illustration pack of diverse Indian characters with mix-and-match components. 72 readymade characters with swappable components yield a mad 40L permutations.

Juhi also goes fully kitsch vishq pyaar vyaar for the website. Definitely 💯, a lot more than chaar log approve. ✅ 👌

Legibility: How and why typography affects ease of reading (book)

Written Mary C. Dyson and María González de Cossío, Legibility examines the role of typography in reading. If you have wondered how factors like aesthetics, layout, or even smaller details like letter-spacing impact reading, this book is for you.

Colours and Accessibility

We have been building a community Design System 🤫, and stumbled upon new resources for picking colours, which frankly has been our Achilles Heel.

Ashley Seto talks in-depth about using colours for aesthetics and accessibility in this Figma config talk.

Accessible Palette helps create more consistent palettes. Check Random11y too.

Graphic Design: Posters from Japan

Everything about Japan is a cool mystery. The island-nation has maintained their unique approach to art & design stands as a strong anti-thesis to the Western practices.

You will also enjoy these Japanese Manhole covers (h/t @kottke), movie posters & concert posters.

Bonus: Handmade in Japan is an insightful encounter of the culture of traditional handmade artefacts in Japan, covering products like knives, kites, to kimonos.

what have you found recently?

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