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good stuff 001

goodies & freebies across the interwebz, edition 001

goodies & freebies across the interwebz, edition 001

Like a clockwork, we find some phenomenal resources from distant corners of internet and share them on our social handles.

Illustrations Universe

Illustration Universe is a collection of product illustrations, covering illustrations and illustration systems from products like Wise (our favourite), Duolingo (a gold standard), to Dropbox and more.

Bonus: On the topic of Duolingo, here’s how they animate their characters with Rive (at the studio we are quickly moving to this over AE → Lottie).

how do you design for an unknown future?

By imagining it.

Prof. John Arnold devised a case-study called Arcturus IV to teach creative problem-solving at MIT in 1950s. Here’s the description of the planet. Arnold influenced post-war design thinkers who in turn gave us designers like David Kelley.

How different was the fictitious planet, Arcturus IV? It was very distant, some 33 lightyears from us, being the fourth planet circling the star, alpha Boötes, in the Arcturus constellation. The planet was much colder than Earth. Summer temperatures averaged -50°C, while winter's were -110°C. The atmosphere of Arcturus IV was largely methane. Gravity on Arcturus IV was 11 times that of Earth. Plants grew upside down, the roots extending into the atmosphere, their fruit into the soil. The people inhabiting it had evolved from large birds, and while they were social and intelligent, their anatomy included exceedingly long arms and legs, three fingers per hand, hooves for feet, an x-ray eye between wo more normal ones, and other features which easily distinguished them from humans, including a two-second behavioral stimulus-response time. Imagine trying to dance with one of them or what the music tempo must have been like with such a lag between the auditory stimulus and the bodily dance response.

research framework

How do you prioritize whether and when to conduct deep research versus when to jump directly in execution? Pendo has created a framework that aims to solve this problem in a systemic way.

runway website

While researching for a redesign of Canoo, we came across Runway. It didn’t directly influence the goals we were after, but stayed imprinted in the minds afterwards. Give it a spin!

type hunting

We can keep ogling at beautiful typography all day long. If you are anything like that, be forewarned: RABBITHOLE AHEAD.

Type Hunting is an ongoing collection of spectacular typography, maintained by Jonathan Lawrence on Tumblr and Instagram. Did we say it’s a rabbithole?

If typography interests you, we analysed Collins’ work for Next Insurance from a fan’s point of view. Read it now and tell us about your favourite typefaces.

what have you found recently?

What design resources have you been finding lately? Tweet to us, or tell us in Insta DM.

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