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Fascinating large-screen web experiences

These desktop web design and immersive storytelling experiences that show that as creative canvases, bigger is definitely much better.

These desktop web design and immersive storytelling experiences that show that as creative canvases, bigger is definitely much better.

Designers and developers often treat desktop web as their playground for . We should know - we ran a design gallery dedicated to Footers, and showcased madder and maddening stuff on weekly basis.

With responsive design, Apple banning flash from their mobile OS, and a slew of other factors - web design started to become simpler.

Websites are still the most apt mediums for personal storytelling owing to the inherently open nature of web. But beyond that - we feel desktop storytelling allows storytellers imagine visually rich stories and worlds without the constraints of a smaller form-factor.

So join us in appreciation of these big-screen experiences. As Christopher Nolan would say,

No medium can provide experience that Big Screen does.

All images in this post are properties of the respective websites and their creators. We are not associated with either parties except Jamun Verse which is our own work.

Coffee Receipt Stories

Coffee Receipt Stories is a collection of Odding’s back-of-the-napkin back-of-the-receipt stories. Stories from locations from Colombia to Cambodia cover topics as wide as fiction, life, and coffee.

Coffee Receipt Stories are told using varied storytelling devices like comics and infographics. Coffee Receipt Stories employ a variety of storytelling forms like comics and infographics.

Jamun Verse

Jamun Verse: a space odyssey is the latest drop on Dessert Roz, our celebration of Southeast Asian desserts. Imagined as a desktop-only experience, this edition imagines gulab-jamuns as planets a universe of its own. The story is a cross-planetary journey going from space to interiors of India, while challenging the spectators through a series of trivia questions.

Three Rooms

A story about the imagined world of Hovs a millenium from now, Three Rooms is a fictional audio-visual experience that takes viewers through the ruins of Hovs where they find gorgeous pieces of art and written-words reminiscent of science-fiction lost to time.

three-rooms Three Rooms combines storytelling, music, and visuals and creates a fascinating world.

Arrow Dynamics

You can browse Arrow Dynamics on mobile, but honestly we advise you not to. The collection of frame patterns and animations might lead you to question if the creator, Rahul Chakraborty, has access to Teenage Engineering's secret vaults.

Teenage Engineering-inspired elements on Arrow Dynamics

Arrow Dynamics is made from genuine love for vintage electronics. Rahul deserves immense credit for making the story feel authentic. Each interface element has been meticulously crafted to reflect this appreciation without seeming gimmicky.

Honorary Mention: inspotype

Inspotype let’s you test out typeface combinations in different contexts such as industry, layout options, typeface combinations, and colour schemes.

The variety of features of this tool make it an ideal desktop-only experience to preview different layouts.

Inspotype General Sans and Satoshi in tandem on Inspotype


The canvas for visual digital creativity keeps shrinking and expanding - from form-factor as small as watch to the-whole-world-as-canvas XR goggles. But amidst all that, Desktop web still holds its own small corner as the easiest and the most open platform to publish creative ideas on.

Disclaimer: the cover image was generated with the assistance of DALL·E 2.

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