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Aliens, Good Homes, & good stuff

Aliens, Good Homes, & good stuff

Oh well, well. We made it this far. With some hair loss, but alive. Kicking slowly. And grateful. As we move into the last quarter of a year in which it feels like a lot happened but nothing did. Science found lost continent. Mexico found aliens.

life @ 3sc

🎃 spooktober

Speaking of Aliens, 3SC team is celebrating spooktober. We pooled recommendations ranging from old-school horror to indie to funny to out-right absurd to create a list of 30+ movies streaming on OTT. Carrie? Yes! A Girl Walks Alone at Night? Interesting! Shaun of the Dead? Bring it on! Bad Taste? What, is that a friggin’ Peter Jackson movie? What the even...!

Wouldn’t you join? 👀

a good home

Our Ahmedabad studio is featured on Good Homes.

They called the studio a playful, vibrant and joyous place to work in. We agree, except for that work part. Work, what work?


canoo went live in July and their blog is already ranking on the first page of Google for several keywords. We have been adding more capabilities to the website since then.

sahamati (account aggregator design guidelines)

Avinash mesmerizes the members of Sahamati with thoughtful designs as we partake in volunteering efforts to build design guidelines for account aggregators.

design guidelines for account aggregators: loan application for sahamati Avinash is building on top of Ideo’s work while adding improvements to these design guidelines


Abinash creates mesmerizing worlds with Unreal Engine. For you, we cajoled him real hard to ditch his favourite dystopian aesthetic and make this dreamy scape.

Check higher resolution version for max fun.

We are coming up with a surprise community resource soon, so make sure you follow our Twitter to know about it.

zolve case-study

Kasturi captured our Zolve engagement in a case-study for the website.


We have been hyper-productive putting our thoughts to digital papers this quarter.

Remote work-culture + designs from the wild

Bhavya continued her writing streak with the part two of our culture series. She loved wework’s new illustrations so much, she wrote about it in two languages - English and Hindi. Is this a first-ever Hindi design article in India? You tell us.

How spam calls derail e-pharma experience

How many spam calls do you receive in a day? If you are one of the more diligent people, you see an unknown number and decide not to answer the call at all. Karthik took a deep dive into an interesting challenges posed by spam calls to India’s e-pharma and what we did to to improve post-order experience for Flipkart Health+. If you are a product owner, you should NOT MISS THIS this solution.

update: Flipkart is reviewing the article which is why we had to remove the link from here. Follow us Twitter to know when it is published.


ahmedabad design hackathon

ahmedabad design hackathon 28th october 2023, 10am

Studio Oblique × 3 Sided Coin are hosting Ahmedabad Design Hackathon on 28th October. If you like to jam with other designers over 🍕 pizza, Coke, and interesting problem statements - you definitely want to join.

Register now!

good stuff

Good Stuff is now in its own category on our blog. We have been collecting inspirations, freebies, and resources for designers and product owners interested in not only the how of their craft, but why. We are 💯 sure you are going to enjoy and find them valuable for your growth.

Read Good Stuff № 003.

hustle / forward

We have tons of community projects releasing over the next few weeks - from threejs to design systems to icons. Follow madeby3sidedcoin to stay updated on the progress of those.

We are taking up new engagements across user research, product design, and web & editorial design. If you or someone you know needs amazing digital experiences researched and designed, hit us up!

until we meet again with all the good things...🖖🏽

Abinash, Avinash, Bhavya, Karthik, Kasturi, & Tejas


header designed by: bhavya

We are your team!

We are taking up new engagements across user research, product design, and web & editorial design.

Do you or someone you know needs amazing digital experiences researched and designed? Write in now.

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