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First ever newsletter with news, work, goodies & freebies from the studio

First ever newsletter with news, work, goodies & freebies from the studio

We have never sent out one of these before.

Whenever we thought of sending a newsletter or an update, the first reluctance was “why bother them”, bolstered by “who even wants to read from us”.

Then in a recent discussion, Meeta Malhotra dropped the truth bomb how agencies suck at staying in touch with their peers, clients, & friends.

That was the much-needed kick on our bum to move to “let’s tell them what we‘ve been upto and check in”!

In this first update, we want to share what keeps us busy; new areas we are exploring; life@3sc, and accolades.

btw, 3SC turned thirteen. To tons of teenage tantrums. 😉


We researched and designed high business-impact journeys for multiple e-commerce & fintech orgs. It’s either magic potions, or the mountain air that the team breathed - we also squeezed in designs for two websites & a travel app so far.

This year saw us dive into new waters with editorial graphic and podcast cover designs for a massive brand.

To close it, we designed the second dessert in the Dessert Roz series, AND built the alpha version of our first product.


One fine evening in April, an email landed in our inboxes that has been cause of our delirium since. FiftyTwo became 2022 Webby Honoree (Website Magazines)!! We are in the company of our idols at Code & Theory (winners), and Emergence Magazine. It was the highlight of the year, until we witnessed Karthik’s heavy metal composition Consume the Feni.

kasturi posing with her Webby certificate kasturi posing with her Webby certificate


From three full-time members in January, we have grown to five full-time members & one intern in August. Rujuta (Studio Oblique) & Noopur add strength to the roaster as consultants. Manaal moved on from 3SC & returned to US, while Abinash joined as product designer in August and Avinash as an intern in July.

Kasturi completed three years with us. Karthik transitioned from Able to 3SC, and Bhavya moved from part-time to a full-time role.

life at 3sc

In February, our team gathered for our first offsite in Kumbhalgarh (one of the largest forts in the world with a wall second in length only to the Great Wall of China). We met after a gap of two years, and some team-members met for the first time.

Since March, we run Brag Hours where everyone showcases client work or their weekly mad innovative Happy hours explorations.

bhavya’s food art bhavya’s food art

kasturi’s minimal abstract poster for our town hall kasturi’s minimal abstract poster for our town hall

tejas’ 8-bit city street tejas’ 8-bit city street

karthik’s Figma spirograph karthik’s Figma spirograph

Our second offsite to Goa in July was a trip filled with feni shots and local art while discussing the next evolution of the company.

This year, people utilised our work-from-anywhere ethos to make temporary bases all over the country - from Himalayas to beaches.

Desktop - 1.25.webp

new office**

We opened new office in Ahmedabad. The place is an instant hit with adults and children. Do stop by to work, sample artisanal chocolates, or kick back and read.


Tejas and Souvik (of Miranj) kicked off season 2 of Two Studio Heads Walk into a Bar. Watch the first episode with Meeta Malhotra where they discuss branding for small studios. You CANNOT miss this.

good stuff


As teased before, we are building our first product - a platform to review of D2C brands. You know this story. We are currently testing alpha version with a small group of users. If you are an avid user of D2C products, you should participate up here.

stay in touch

We will read every good and bad reply / comment to this update. Tell us how you have been, what you have been up to. If you work in the space of digital products or storytelling, share with us what challenges you are facing and how you are solving them. Or send music, movies, food, & reading reccos!

Until next time,

From your favourite design studio, 🖖🏽

Abinash, Avinash, Bhavya, Karthik, Kasturi, & Tejas for 3 Sided Coin

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